Happy “YOUR MOTHER!”‘s Day



Here’s the thing about our grandson, David – he’s prodigious. Okay, so we all want our kids and grandkids to be exceptional, and we all know that inquisitiveness, creativity and a sense of humor are some of the best indicators of intelligence we have. So there’s that.

As for Rebekah and me, we’re not really all that surprised. You see David’s mother – our daughter – has never been one to hold back. Ever. And she has never been, shall we say, politically correct. So there’s the whole “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” thing going on too.

David is seven. He’s in First Grade. He loves to be silly. He’s smart, And he also knows – this much I am thankful for – where he can get away with edgy humor and where he should leave well enough alone. He understands for example that the “Your mother!” jokes he has so much fun with at home are off limits at school or anywhere at all other than with immediate family.

But then, of course, he couldn’t leave this weekend alone. It’s not Mother’s Day, he said with a wonderful creative turn of phrase to go with his wonderful grin; it’s YOUR MOTHER!’s Day.

I just hope he remembers to hold himself in check in church this morning:

  • “Happy Mother’s Day!” the preacher will say. And there will be our grandson, the sweet seven-year-old angel, finding it hard to resist the go-to response that wells up inside of him…
  • “YOUR Mother!” But will David whisper it to himself, just under his breath, so his lips barely move? Or will He deliver the words at full volume, unable to avoid finishing the inviting call and response? “YOUR MOTHER!!!”

No. Not in church. Please not in church.

Happy “YOUR MOTHER!”‘s Day to everyone – Derek


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