Music, flowers, great food and more: “5”-Photo-Friday

First off, I am grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to my column on abortion. I am still mystified at the fact that stupid/angry/polarizing posts get so many “shares”… but that is the world we live in and it is the fight I have to constantly engage if light and love are going to make any headway at all.

Now for today’s traditional Friday post. I may possibly have seven photos instead of five, but let’s not quibble over details!



Ministry is a stressful occupation, loaded with incredibly hard work. Being successful only adds to the load.

That being said, I am so grateful that the preacher in my house is enjoying her new hobby so much. Of course I knew, back when we purchased her ukulele, that Rebekah would not approach the instrument halfway. She has this tendency to invest passion and creativity into any project and I love that about her.

I also love how therapeutic the instrument is. This morning, with one last post-breakfast cup of coffee, she went out on the deck to practice. This is North Carolina in the springtime, friends; perfect weather, the garden blooming, sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee, a labradoodle, and a ukulele.

Birds Joining in:

1-DSC_2126I caught this one in full voice, celebrating another new day. A Carolina Wren, no less.

Then, just beginning but with the promise of a mass of color, several of our hydrangea plants are on the verge of bursting out (see photos below). They are going to be spectacular, and I promise to photograph them at their peak.

Finally, here are a couple of food photos that come with a story.

McVitie’s Digestive:


If you know anything about drinking hot tea, English style, then you know the importance of biscuits (English for “cookie”).

If you know anything about English biscuits then you know that the primo, best-of-the-best, is the McVitie’s Digestive.

If you know anything about digestive biscuits, then you know your McVitie’s has to be chocolate.

Caprese Salad:

1-IMG_E4201It’s the simple things. That is what makes Italian cooking so great. So when we first went to Italy we asked for the best salad they had to offer and there were only a few ingredients. Turns out that’s all you need.

Romaine Lettuce. Fresh Mozzarella. Fresh Basil. Premium balsamic vinager.

If you’re inclined, put it in a sandwich.

That’s all. Happy Friday – DEREK


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