so stinkin’ cute…


I could take a million photographs of our grandchildren and never come close to capturing the light and life that bounces around inside, both illuminating and animating the space around them. Or I could simply pick a selective half-dozen and tell the story quite well.

1-IMG_E4516David interfaces with his world with intelligence and humor; he is sharp, he is observant, his wit is constantly framing some ready response, and he always seems to have some quip at hand. Beks on the other hand simply shines – actually, she sparkles – her smile lights up the room. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out when they hit adolescence.

Being a super-hot day the children emptied out an enormous box of Legos after breakfast, went shopping with us, played checkers with great-grandma Grace, and then spent the balance of the afternoon “washing” the vehicles.

“Washing” loosely applied:

There was a hose involved, and lots of suds, as well as some intermittently intense scrubbing of very small areas of car, but the net result was more along the lines of two hours of super-soaked children and one partially soaked grandaddy.


Like I said, a million pictures would never suffice – but a few well-chosen images just might.

Enjoy them – I know I do – DEREK

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