a little gratitude for the good life

(technical difficulties – this may be a repeat for some of you)

1-IMG_E4575After the excitement, affirmation and encouragement we enjoyed at church this past Sunday (6 more teens stand up for Jesus! and Do Justice) Monday was a beautiful day of peace and relaxation. I let Rebekah sleep in, it was the perfect morning for prolonged coffee on the deck, we combined the balance of the day with necessary work and equally necessary decompression, and then we finished the day with an impromptu dinner date with friends for a relaxed evening.

Just before we went out I said, “You always make me look good. How about a selfie together?” So we stood out on the deck for a few minutes, watching the birds fly in and out from the feeder, taking a deep breath of the beauty around us, taking a deep breath of each other.

Worth Sharing:

You see, life is so much more fun, and interesting, and stimulating, and inspirational when you share it with someone on such a deep level – especially someone so completely beautiful.

So today’s post is a simple, grateful acknowledgment of the amazing blessing that it is to be married to, and committed to, and in partnership with, and immersed in Rebekah.

Life is not always easy, but it is amazing. Being married is not always smooth, but it is deep and rich and beautiful. The passage of time is seldom predictable, but it is a sweet journey. Love is not a walk in the park so much as the great adventure of a lifetime.

All of this – the amazing, the deep, the rich, the beautiful, the sweet and the adventure – is because of Rebekah.

I just thought I’d say that. That’s all. In love, and because of love – DEREK

PS – some of what I saw from the deck:

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