Blessings, success, and good memories #5-Photo-Friday

Pensacola, circa 1989

It’s been a good week here in Wake Forest. We started with an amazing and inspirational Sunday morning that generated material for three separate posts (Baptism Prophetic PreachingLove and Justice). And now, after the three-week drought, we are getting a full weekend of refreshing rain.

Photo #1:

The first of today’s photos is a classic “blast from the past.” I have to thank Joe Alexander for dredging it up from the archives.

The date is obviously October and probably 1989, 30 years ago. Our children would have been seven and five, the same ages as the grandchildren today. What I love about it is, well, everything.

It reminds me of two things. First, that life in Pensacola was a long, long time ago. And secondly that some things simply don’t change; Rebekah and Andrew and Naomi are instantly recognizable.

Photographs like this one remind me how consistently wonderful life has been for our family, and how fabulously blessed we were to be able to raise the children in a place like Pensacola.

Tyler Run (and a few trees):

1-IMG_4595The next two pictures look towards my parents’ house, next door. I love the “deep in the woods” feel living in this end of the cul-de-sac. Yes, there is a lot of debris, and raking, and gutter-cleaning to be done, but these beautiful trees are worth it.

Tyler Run, here in the heart of Wake Forest, is an older neighborhood. The houses are modest, the landscaping is all mature, and the houses are set with ample room in between. Of course this means more maintenance and the need to update, but I’d prefer this any day to a brand-new house on a small lot denuded of trees!


Fit-bit achievement!

1-IMG_E4604Then there’s this screen-shot image from my Fit-bit app.

A few months ago I decided to move my weight back down from the mid 180s to the 175-178 range. I just feel more comfortable under 180.

So, rather than do something dramatic and likely short-lived, I decided to simply make a couple of small adjustments and let time take its course. The result is that I’ve been below 180 for several weeks and will likely hit the magic 175 sometime next week.

Pretty much everything that is worth investing in responds better to consistent, small, incremental change than trying to do something “over-the-top”. Stay tuned to see how this develops as I’m aiming to see this decade of my life evidence better health across the board – both physical and spiritual too.

We Need Each Other!


The final 5-photo-Friday image comes from my Wednesday evening men’s small group. We have chosen to continue meeting throughout the summer because we understand that we need each other, and we need God’s word, regardless of crazy summer schedules.

I have 15 members, and everyone tends to make it at least three times a month. This photograph shows a brain-storming activity that evidently caused some amusement.

I have said this before, but I am deeply grateful to be in the company of such faithful disciples – Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings too. This church is loaded with an abundant supply of good men.

Everyone have an amazing weekend. And, don’t forget to come to church on Sunday. Peace and blessings – DEREK


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