Maybe the correct title should be, “Heavenly Grandparent”?


For the children, one of the highlights of a visit to Maul-Hall is making biscuits with grandmama. Actually, it’s anything with grandmama. Rebekah is most definitely the rockstar of “visit the grandparents” week!

David and Beks are getting really good at biscuits. They listen, they follow directions, they are fine-tuning their technique. Fact is, they’re getting good at everything: baking bread, cooking bacon, setting the table, sweeping the driveway, cleaning the bathroom – you name it. Children have an almost unlimited capacity to learn: they watch, they listen, they mimic, they practice… they are, essentially, super-intelligent sponges, soaking up everything. In a way when they are here they are little disciples of their grandparents.

1-IMG_E5259I say that because – as you know – discipleship is a key theme of this blog. I am interested in thinking about and writing about what it means to follow Jesus in an intentional fashion. Watching the children in action, so open to learning and then putting what they learn into practice, makes me realize how resistant I must seem to God. Not learning, not soaking it all in, not so open, not putting it into practice.

But God is patient, and Jesus is a willing and encouraging accomplice in this endeavor. So patient, so encouraging, so wise that – maybe -“Heavenly Father” is not the correct term, maybe it should be “Heavenly Grandparent.”

Peace and more – DEREK



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