Sunday morning worship in Dresden – God’s invitation is everywhere!


In the city belonging to our God,
    the Lord is great and so worthy of praise!
His holy mountain is a beautiful summit,
    the joy of the whole world.
    Mount Zion, in the far north,
    is the city of the great king.
God is in its fortifications,
    revealing himself as a place of safety. – Psalm 48:1-3

Frauenkirche (Lutheran) Dresden

It is another Sunday. And, no matter where in the world or in the USA we are, Rebekah and I very much want to be in worship together. So this morning we hopped on a tram to the center of Dresden then walked to the huge square surrounding the Frauenkirche.

What a thrill to be in worship with around 300 people! We couldn’t understand the message or the prayers but we understand Jesus, we were able to hit the right cadence in the Lord’s prayer, we read along with the scriptures in English, and we hummed along with the hymns.

There was real life there, and a good crowd, and two baptisms, and an hour set aside to forget about the busy, conflicted, broken world around us so that we could meditate on the simple, beautiful, hope-filled fact of God’s unconditional love and the invitation of Jesus to come home.

waiting for the tram to go to church

No matter who we are, or where we live, or what our nationality, or how we have experienced this world, or how different we are the invitation is the same. Come home, you are welcome, come home.

“God is in its fortifications,
    revealing himself as a place of safety…”

Peace – and I mean that in every way – DEREK





4 thoughts on “Sunday morning worship in Dresden – God’s invitation is everywhere!

  1. Bruce McVey

    One year ago today y’all were worshipping with us in Fayetteville, TN! This morning, we sang “My Life Flows On (How Can I Keep from Singing)” in a subtle homage to Rebekah’s sermon at my ordination!

    PS–congrats again on Mr. T! 😁

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  2. Grace Maul

    Thanks Derek ! Great to have news ~ Glad you had a good service withthe Lutherans !Wgive a Gentle hug to our Great Grandson Te listened to Hayes Barton again ! Loretta is cming t visit us the Pm . Please Love, G’m


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