here is the grandparents-with-baby photo you’ve been waiting for (I’m so excited to share!)

Andrew took this photo (5 days old) and gave us permission to share
  • NOTE: Now we are back from Germany I have around 2,000 amazing images to process. I will offer a sampling over the next week or so, combining different stories, adventures, and threads of interest with a selection of the best photographs.

The first authorized baby photo!

their first apartment was in Italy. So home will always be “Casa di Maul”

Today is much more simple. We have already discussed Andrew and Alicia’s commitment to privacy for Mr. T. Their rationale is well thought out and nicely summarized in this article from their excellent (worth following) “Intentionally International” blog.

But Andrew took the above photo and the new parents graciously gave us permission to share.

Mr. T was released from the hospital and home with us just a few short hours after his birth, filling the already love-saturated apartment with still more light and blessing.

From that moment on our visit shifted from soaking up the beauty, atmosphere, history, culture, and life of Dresden to soaking in this new reality and watching – with awe – how naturally and tenderly Andrew and Alicia are embracing the joy and responsibility of being new parents.

By the time the above photograph was taken, Mr. T had already been out for two car rides and two tram excursions.

If you can possibly peel your eyes away, the other photographs are as follows:

  1. Andrew and Alicia’s first apartment was in Italy. Home will always be “Casa di Maul”.
  2. I was standing at a key 1989 historical marker in Leipzig when we heard Alicia was in labor. I will write more about this along with photos from what turned out to be an amazing day of travel, Bach, organs, churches, history, revolution, learning, rushing back to Dresden, and blessed birth.
  3. We made it as far as the train station then toasted our new grandson’s birth with a cappuccino before making it to the hospital before he was two and a half hours old.
  4. Andrew with Mr. T in the window. Our baby took baths of vitamin D and watched life go by via trams, buses, bikes, cars, people and more.
  5. He was not even six days old when we said goodbye. What a beautiful baby boy! So much joy and anticipation and love.
standing in front of St. Nicholas church in Leipzig the day he was born

We are going to have to be deliberate and creative to make sure we keep up with Mr. T and get to know him as well as we want to. Dresden is a long way away, but he is right here, lodged securely in our hearts. He is so blessed to have Andrew and Alicia as his parents and they, in turn, are already so deeply blessed and enriched by the beginnings of this new adventure in their life together.

“The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.” – Numbers 6:24-26


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