Is it ever an ordinary day? #SundayMorning

last week at WFPC

After all the excitement of Summer it’s kind of nice to experience an ordinary weekend. You know, the kind that involves men’s Bible-study Saturday morning, work in the garden for a few hours, a quiet evening at home, then Sunday morning church back to the regular schedule.

But even “ordinary” turns out to be pretty spectacular when run-of-the-mill and mediocre simply don’t have any place – because life is too full and too rich for us to settle for anything short of the very best.

For Rebekah and me this has been the blessed trajectory of our life together for more than forty years. Now we’re getting the hang of it I can only imagine even better, more wonderful days to come.

After all, when he invited us into this “new and living way” Jesus didn’t say anything about making do, sliding by, second rate, middling, or uninspired. The Lord is in the business of abundant life, real and eternal, more and better, life to the fullest degree.

This is why I like to refer to Jesus as “God’s Invitation!” It’s a simple idea at its heart, quietly and earnestly letting people know that they are always welcome, that there is a place at the table – that they are missed, and valued, and that this abundantly rich life is for them too.

Actually, for all of us. The invitation is open.

I’ll see you in church – Derek


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