Question: Serious Derek or “Mr. Casual”

Today’s post is a simple question. I mentioned the other day that my publisher asked for a new “Author Photo” to use in their soon-to-be-revamped website. My question is “casual or serious?”

I kind of like the new portrait, but Rebekah believes no-one wants to read books by some “stodgy-looking old guy.”

So here are a couple of samples. What do you think?

My publisher has the last word, but you – at least I sure hope so – are the book-buying public.

I promise some actual writing later today or tomorrow! Peace – DEREK


  1. I think I prefer casual generally. But I also think it depends on your subject matter for this book. You would want the tenor of the picture to be congruent with the picture (I think).

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  2. Thanks, all of you, plus the dozens who commented on Facebook. The score is pretty much unanimous for the more casual look. You will be happy to know that my publisher agrees!


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