Faith, love, church, more love, and a Sunday morning trip to the ER

Well Sunday turned out to be more of an adventure than we had anticipated! Normally I wouldn’t write much about a “medical incident”, but when several hundred people are on campus for the front end of an emergency it makes sense to tie up the loose ends in public too.

Maybe I should begin by reminding everyone about a paragraph from yesterday morning’s post:

The cliche may be “Jesus take the wheel!” but Jesus doesn’t do that. Instead Jesus encourages, and listens, and he puts a hand on your shoulder, and he walks alongside, and he says, “Lo I am with you…”

Rebekah honoring Mandy

It was 9:00 worship. The place had its usual “buzz”, the Praise Team was rocking, Rebekah did a fabulous job with the presentation to Mandy (our remarkably talented – but getting a new job – Director of Food Ministries), boatloads of children came down for their time and headed off to “His Kids” worship, and Rebekah launched into the message with her usual passion and energy.

So there Rebekah was, preaching her heart out, talking about how Jesus calms the storm and constantly challenges us with his “Where is your faith?” question, when she pretty much collapsed. Fortunately she felt it coming just in time and was able to be helped to her seat.

An EMT attending worship (Michael Chapman) swooped in, plus a couple of nurses. We determined this was not a low blood sugar incident so the paramedics came too – two sets – and, after much discussion they offered her a ride in their ambulance to the ER at Wake Med North.

The congregation was great, John Akerman picked up my notes and taught my class without a hitch, John Fawcett – along with Katherine Peiper – handled 11:15 worship, and clouds of prayer ascended.

The Result:

ER-SignMost of the concern ended up zeroing in around Rebekah’s heart and a couple of anomalies that raised questions the medical folk felt they needed to explore.

However, by the time the doctors had run a series of screenings, blood tests, and EKGs everyone at Wake Med felt confident we could continue figuring out the details on an outpatient basis. So late afternoon we got to come home and rest.

Wrapping up, here is what has me grateful this morning:

  1. An amazing church so full of life and vision and promise.
  2. WFPC folk like EMT Michael who generously share their gifts without hesitation.
  3. First responders, doctors, nurses, and techs with skill and compassion.
  4. Medical insurance. Not everyone has access to insurance, or can afford it. An incident like this is expensive enough with good coverage, but can completely devastate people without the safety net. Peace of mind is a huge part of healing and must be more accessible.
  5. The fact that God is real and present. Jesus encourages, and listens, and he puts a hand on your shoulder, and he walks alongside, and he says, “Lo I am with you…

Just one more day in the “Continuing adventures of being Derek and Rebekah!”

Love, peace, promise, and blessings to all – DEREK

8 thoughts on “Faith, love, church, more love, and a Sunday morning trip to the ER

  1. georgwyn

    O my !! My ‘poorly’ friend would say “I’m just attention seeking” Praise the Lord indeed for friends, fellowship and medicine. God bless Us xx

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  2. Sylvia Beall

    So sorry to hear about ER visit. Hope she is doing much better and they can determine what caused problems. Prayers, concern, and love from both of us. Sylvia and Frank

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  3. Hugh Hamilton

    Prayers for a clear diagnosis and confident treatment plan. Thankful for good EMT and emergency folks with the insights and skills Rebekah needed. Prayers for Derek too; you the caregiver often gets overlooked in the hustle of the crisis stage. May God’s presence and power sustain you both! Hugh

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peggy Stringham

    Thinking of you both. Prayers for thorough medical check and answers. Good that she went to the hospital to be checked. Thankful that you have such a wonderful church family for support and care.


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