fasten your seatbelts and return your seats to their upright positions, Rebekah is preaching…

1-Fullscreen capture 7212019 15009 PMSo I’m in the “storytelling” mode today. It’s probably because I have been working on a talk I will giving this evening in Greenville South Carolina. I tend to spatter my talks with stories.

I was thinking about the fact that it’s Sunday morning and last week Rebekah hadn’t made it a third of the way through her sermon when she keeled over (see Sunday morning Emergency Room Adventure!).

Anyway, the following story came to mind.

McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10-30,_Laker_Airways_AN0205254It was years ago. I had been in the UK for the summer and was flying back to Florida for the new semester. The plane was a DC 10.

We taxied to the runway, straightened up, and the captain opened up the throttle. We picked up speed, accelerated some more, reached what felt like the right velocity, and then – just as we were ready to leave the ground – the pilot hit the brakes and we came to a sudden halt.

We all looked around nervously and the plane turned off the runway before making its way around the airport to where we had started.

We turned right two more times and found ourselves back on the runway.

“This is your captain speaking,” a too casual voice said. “Sorry about that. We had a little trouble with one of the engines. But, here goes, I’m going to give it another try…”

And with that the plane lurched forward once more.

You can be sure no-one got any sleep on that flight.

I’m not quite sure exactly why that story came to mind. We may have had a little trouble but Rebekah has checked in with maintenance, tweaked the engines, even rewritten the message. We’re heading to church.

Turn off your electronic devices, fasten your seatbelts, and put your seats and trays in an upright position. Rebekah is preaching. We’re going to give it another try.

Happy Sunday. I’ll see you in church – DEREK

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