a photo-essay in Greenville – the place has a surprisingly progressive vibe!

You can’t argue with coffee!

This “travel post” may not have the same wow-factor as my recent series from Germany and the Czech Republic, but I spent a little while walking around downtown Greenville Monday morning and some of the images are definitely shareworthy.

My perspective is obviously skewed by the positive experience I had with the Methodist men Sunday evening, but my brief exploration before driving home proved to be a delightful interlude.

Greenville really is a cool city. Accessible and friendly, featuring innovative restaurants, pubs, tree-lined streets, pedestrian precincts, boutique stores, and – this will surprise you (and probably annoy some of the locals) – kind of a progressive vibe.

So here’s my Monday morning walk.

Enjoy – DEREK

4 thoughts on “a photo-essay in Greenville – the place has a surprisingly progressive vibe!

  1. Anne M Bartholomew

    Derek, I’m so glad you had a positive experience in Greenville! I grew up just a stone’s throw from there (in Greer) and some of my dad’s family are buried in the cemetary you visited. Greenville is a really cool place! I especially love downtown and Reedy River Falls/Park.

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  2. Adele Freeman

    As a visitor, I’m so glad you enjoyed our lovely city. And you are correct, our population is rapidly expanding and we have decided to erect a billboard that states “GREENVILLE is now closed”. Lol.


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