What’s that gaping hole in the front of our house?


A house is built by wisdom
and becomes strong through good sense.
Through knowledge its rooms are filled
with all sorts of precious riches and valuables. – Proverbs 24:3-4

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Peeling Back the Layers:

some wonky bricks from 1987

So this has been fun! A new front door. Including a new frame. Then of course that means new molding. And don’t forget new pilasters, and the header, and or course new trim. Then there is the new lintel and a new threshold. And we must remember to include the weatherproofing elements…

All because, get this, all because there was some kind of crack in the weatherproofing on the surround above the lintel. This had been leaking for years, probably before we even purchased this home in 2013. So there was water damage, and rot. And things weren’t tight anymore.

But then they took the old door off and we found that the original entry had been installed in a slipshod fashion. So even the bricks surrounding the frame were out of line, improperly mortared, tipping. Tipsy as it were.

Here is what happens, and I know this is no revelation to anyone who has been involved in any kind of restoration or renovation. The first challenge, the first problem, and the first layer to come off usually represents only the beginnings of the journey.

Restoration can be costly:

This is why people – men especially – find it so difficult to be vulnerable, to be open-spirited and honest about our need for redemption. It is threatening to let our guard down and invite in some help. We get scared and resistant and we would rather remain stuck than dare to move forward.

But the alternative is progressive rot, structural instability, additional and more complex breaches, and nothing but a thin veneer of cosmetic deception to show for our so-called faith in God.

So for all our resistance we will – eventually – be forced to deal with change regardless. But then it is the kind of inevitable change brought on by denial and deterioration. In trying to avoid change we get change that is completely out of our control, and we end up with neither the status quo we were protecting nor the restoration God’s promise was offering.

But there is always hope!


But even then there is hope. Because there is no place God will not journey with us and no base condition we cannot move forward from. But it is going to take honesty, and humility, and the willingness to be vulnerable, and the experience of community.

If the new door isn’t finished by the time  I post I will share those additional pictures later.

This house is a work in progress, and – of course – so am I.

The key word here is “progress” – DEREK


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