How brightly does Christ’s light shine through you? A few thoughts on “Leadership”

God wants these great riches of the hidden truth to be made known to the people who are not Jews. The secret is this: Christ in you brings hope of all the great things to come – 1 John 1:1-5

Seeing how the life of Jesus animates who you are brings the hope of glory to the world. Simply put, the message is you: The way you live, and the way you lead, brings hope to the world (author paraphrase).

Leadership-QuoteMy writing does not often focus specifically on the subject of leadership – but it is on my mind this week for a couple of reasons. First, I realize I am involved in the process more than I had imagined. Then, I see so many examples of ineffective leadership that the subject is worth thinking about.

Over the past five days I have traveled, lunched, small-grouped, encouraged, keynoted, taught, hosted, listened, and prayed everywhere from quiet one-on-ones to overflowing meeting rooms.

I have come to realize that leadership is primarily about passion, about belief, about commitment, about communication, and about following through.

  1. To lead effectively it is necessary to first own a genuine PASSION for the “job” (for job read, “task, calling, responsibility, ideal, cause…”).
  2. Additionally, leadership must also be rooted in dynamic BELIEF, a solid actionable faith and confidence that gives substance to the passion. Passion unrooted in belief is impotent; belief without passion is unconvincing.
  3. COMMITMENT brings into play personal discipline, dedication, and a sense of responsibility to implement the vision.
  4. COMMUNICATION is critical in bringing the leader’s passion, belief, and commitment into clear focus in a way that energizes others who share and buy in to the vision.
  5. Then, FOLLOWING THROUGH is critical if we intend to keep the connection between vision and implementation alive; a following through that fans the flames of passion, and engages the people looking to our leadership.

I have, personally, never felt a sense of “calling” to formal leadership. I have no ambition to be an elder, or a deacon, or a pastor in a church. However, when I am passionate, believe from the bottom of my heart, make a commitment, communicate clearly, and follow through in countless ways via personal contact, I find that I already am a leader – an influencer – and literally tens and scores and hundreds of people are involved in ministry and service initiatives in response.

So What?

I believe that many leaders completely miss the boat when it comes to their role. But I would also like to think a conversation around this kind of post may be helpful both in leadership development and evaluation.

Simply put, people who invest neither energy nor imagination into the cause they purportedly represent are not leaders. It is not leadership when there is no enthusiasm, no zeal, no deep investment, no self-sacrifice.

Life is such an amazing gift, but people need encouragement along the way and they could use some leadership when it comes to engaging the possibilities and the opportunities God sets before us.

Why would anyone settle for a lackluster approach to living faith out loud and leading others into discipleship?

IMG_6484Passion. Belief. Commitment. Communication. Following through. I believe the bottom line here is allowing God to fill us so full with light and love and promise that the truth of it spills all over the place and encourages those around us.

Or, as I have said and written so many times, “Live like you mean it! (LEAD like you mean it!) Because God certainly meant something vital and important when he created us, each and every one of us.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

5 thoughts on “How brightly does Christ’s light shine through you? A few thoughts on “Leadership”

  1. Dorothea Clements

    Derek, you have touched on some very important points about Leadership in this post, put in a very succinct and challenging way. Well done. It certainly is one of your best posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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