Way too busy and pressured, but blessed and grateful nonetheless

71733858_10101644282871242_1861586555781513216_nI have to start out by saying that data recovery from last week’s crashed laptop was both 100% successful and reasonably priced. The guys at Xpert Computer Service and Repair did a great job. I had them put my photos and files on a 1-terabyte external drive and I plan to back up there on a regular basis.

  • Note 1: the number “5” today means five sets of photos. 
  • Note 2: I am grateful for our daughter’s photography skills and the pictures of the children.

Five Photo Friday:

IMG_6539This week has been packed, frenetic, overloaded. Fact is, it’s been that way – relentless -since we arrived back from Europe August 18th. The images I have picked barely scratch the surface but they tell a good story nonetheless.

Up in Richmond, David (7) and Beks (6) are off to a great start in 2nd and 1st grade respectively. They love school and I am especially excited about their progress in reading.

Meanwhile, over in Dresden, Germany, our third grandchild “Mr. T.” is seven weeks old today. I understand, his “public” is still clamoring for an on-line photo but we respect his parents’ decision. But I will tell you our new grandson is healthy, growing, beyond beautiful, and deeply loved.

I posted twice about my South Carolina speaking trip and I’m still on a little bit of a high from the experience (You can read about it here – Greenville 1 and Greenville 2 (photos))

So today I’m simply commenting on the performance of my VW Golf TDi. Don’t read the numbers in this pair of images and imagine that efficiency comes at the cost of performance. Not in the least! I may have been averaging 50-mpg on the trip and had a range of over 700 miles on a 14gallon tank but I could still out-gun, out-accelerate, and out-maneuver pretty much anything else on the road.

New Door almost done:


Construction always presents tweaks and challenges and even a new front door comes with its set of problems to navigate. Fortunately we’re not doing it ourselves and our contractor – Baker Roofing – has a division that specializes in doors. So we have every confidence there will be a resolution.

Meanwhile, the new entry looks great and is getting rave reviews from the neighborhood.

Dating Rebekah!

Finally, Rebekah and I enjoyed going out on a “date” two times this week. First at Farm Table, where they redeemed themselves after our bad experience earlier in the summer. Then, this morning, brunch at First Watch.

There is little if anything I enjoy so much as a relaxed meal out with Rebekah. Great food, the best company, deep conversation, and the pure pleasure of looking across the table at the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

Like I said, we have been crazy busy and the trend looks to continue. But life is crazy good too, and we are so very grateful.

Peace and more peace – DEREK

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