Coffee and a Verse of Scripture

IMG_6682 (2)_LI.1Most of my writing stems from my love of words, my need to get in touch with and to articulate some of the deep places in my soul, the joy I get from the artistic expression of language. This is how writing started for me and it remains the best advice I give would be writers: “Write for the joy of it; if anyone else wants to read along then that’s gravy, not the main dish.”

So this morning I’m going to introduce a new feature on this blog that I intend to be daily (we’ll see!) and in addition to my more typical “Reading Between the Lines” segment.

So – drumroll please – introducing, “Coffee and a Verse of Scripture from Derek Maul. It’s going to be a short response to a bite-sized scripture followed by a prayer. The key tag will be this: “Coffee and a Verse of Scripture.”

My inspiration will – mostly – come from Bible Gateway’s “verse-of-the-day“. If the selection does not engage me I’ll utilize an alternate source (scripture comes at me from all angles so there is never any shortage of inspiration); but what I want to avoid is “fishing” till I find something easy, or a verse that I’m already comfortable with. This is why I like to use an independently generated guide.

“Coffee and a Verse of Scripture”

Listen to advice and accept discipline,
and at the end you will be counted among the wise.
Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19:20-21

The word “discipline” is not popular in our culture, but it happens to be the root idea in “disciple.” If I want to be an intentional follower of Jesus then I won’t get very far unless I engage a more disciplined approach to my faith. There’s not much in my history of growth as a whole person – physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual – that has not required both discipline and the encouragement of others.

“God’s purpose” is very much connected to a quality of wisdom we only seem to gain via humility, accountability, and discipline.

IMG_E6668 (2)I really do want “the plans in [my] heart” to connect with God’s purposes. Then – and I firmly believe this – the opportunities for me to be effective as a witness to love and grace will be boundless.

Prayer: Thank you, loving God, for the gift of faith. Work in us and through us, fine-tuning our witness via a more disciplined approach to following Jesus. Amen

In love, and because of Love – DEREK

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