Get off to the right start – ahead of the holidays

  • Note from Derek: “The only way to have an amazing Christmas is to take the right path – the right journey – from here to there. Reading this book of daily Advent devotionals is the absolute best way I know how to get to Christmas!”

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey

51qjKk6c9XL-001Today’s “meme of the week” is another two-fer. The pictures are related – front and back cover – and they are also designed to encourage my readers to begin making plans to enjoy the best Christmas story ever.

SHARE: If you read this blog, then I’m confident you’re going to like the book. So please consider getting some extra copies for gifts, sharing the link on your site, recommending this book as an Advent study at your church, and generally kicking it around your social network. I can’t get away with pushing this too much myself because – let’s face it – self-promotion is seldom received so well as friend-promotion!

You can get your copy of In My Heart I Carry A Star (2nd edition) – print or Kindle – by clicking this link – purchase book.

The Story:

The content – if you’re not already familiar – is a series of true stories designed to be enjoyed as

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2 thoughts on “Get off to the right start – ahead of the holidays

  1. Peggy Stringham

    We are in midst of using book for 2 adult study groups here in Ohio. Plus several others are reading book on their own. The book study has led to several meaningful conversations. Thanks for the great writing!

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