The best photos from Thanksgiving 2019 (I promise you will smile!)


I usually don’t get phone calls asking why I haven’t posted my blog yet. But I did today. “Dad! When are you posting your blog about yesterday?” But it’s been a busy day already and I’m just now settling down for a few minutes writing.

I understand Naomi’s impatience. She and Craig were the ones hosting, somehow managing to provide just enough space and more than enough food for twelve. Plus beyond adequate hospitality – and that is not surprising because Naomi has all the party genes (believe me, ALL of them!), especially the gracious ones. Their home shone, inviting in grateful hearts and thankful spirits and providing just the right atmosphere for celebration and for reflection.

Of course the children were completely lit up, running at around 150% adrenalin and pouring their excited selves into all the play and the silliness they could muster.

IMG_E7285Naomi asked us all to comment on a favorite or at least memorable Thanksgiving. Rebekah and I have hosted probably 25 over-the-top feasts at the various Maul-Halls. But today I find myself remembering bountiful dinners with loved ones since gone. My brother, Geoff. Rebekah’s mamma, Nell, and not so many years later her dad Bob. Myrt too. Then our dear friend Sandee, and Bruce and Nicholas who graced our table in Pensacola so many years ago.

But then the life! The irrepressible good news of hope and promise for the future demonstrated in our grandchildren. I am so full of gratitude and overwhelmed with promise.

Please enjoy these images (yes, the colors were that vivid!). This is probably some of the best photography this month. I think it’s the life that comes through, and the truth – I sure hope so.

So love and life and hope and promise to all of you. Don’t let this day go by without saying Thank-You to God, and extend that gratitude to your family too – DEREK

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