Just follow the star – and find your way home (50 photographs from Walk Through Bethlehem 2019)

Roman soldiers menacing the village (and the visitors)

Today’s blog post is ambitious. However, my theme for the month is that of “following a photographic trail to Bethlehem” (and the real meaning of Christmas), so including a collection of images this extensive was always a possibility.

Yesterday evening our church offered the first night of our annual Walk Through Bethlehem experience – it’s our “Christmas Card to the Community”. Instead of working with the cast, I took off my guide’s uniform and wandered around with my camera. The result is the following three categories of pictures.

  1. Rebekah getting ready to pray

    Preparation: Rebekah talking with parking team members, cast members checking in, angels being fitted with wings, parents photographing angels, prayer together in the youth room before the first visitors come through, Roman soldiers on cell-phones, Herod practicing his “angry eyes”…

  2. Visitors: Visitors arriving, gathering in the CLC, enjoying the hospitality of hot-chocolate, cider, and cookies, beginning their journey, gathering at the cross…
  3. Walk Through Bethlehem immersion: We are there, the year is around 4 BCE, the Romans clamp down hard, the prophesies are given, the Holy Family is on the move, the magi and the shepherds find the way home for us all.

Yes, there are over 50 photographs. But take your time and enjoy them all. Better still, come to the walk today or tomorrow, at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church on Capital Boulevard. There may not be any room at the inn, but there is just enough room for you – and your family – at our church. Every Sunday too.

Just follow the star – DEREK


  1. I believe you may have exceeded 50 images, but never the less, you have captured the spirit and intent of this amazing and immersive testimony to the birth of Christ! Jim Wills


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