The story of our (just a little bit dead) Christmas Tree – 2nd Sunday in Advent

IMG_E7460Several years ago (well, several decades ago) Rebekah and I made the move from “live” Christmas trees to the “everlasting” variety. Translated, that means: we changed from freshly-killed to artificial. This may have had something to do with the saga (fiasco) of the so-called Happy Christmas Tree Farm (I will share that one if enough of you request) or simply our desire to save a little time.

Regardless, this year we had a change of heart so Rebekah and I hitched up the reindeer and drove the sleigh into downtown Raleigh to pick up our very own “until recently living” Christmas tree.

It’s perfect. In an imperfect sort of a way, of course. The guy at Logan’s told us our tree spent the early part of its life living on the side of a mountain near West Jefferson. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, because that is our favorite place to take the occasional week of rehab.

IMG_7456I love the smell. I love the excuse this gives us to hang up more of our amazing collection of ornaments. I love the way the tree speaks of and represents so much of real life, and how it tells the story that every single aspect of our day-to-day is important and relevant to this ongoing “Greatest Story Ever Told.”

IMG_7483It’s not just angels and stars but everything, from pigs and sheep to birds and trucks and houses and lighthouses and more; anything and everything because our entire life is redeemed under the canopy of grace and redemption. It’s not a decoration so much as it is an archaeological exhibit.

So here is the picture by picture story of this year’s “nearly alive” tree. Not an earth-shattering blog entry but fun. Enjoy. And, if you missed it, click here to check out photos from the first night of WFPC’s 2019 Walk Through Bethlehem. It’s a classic.

Peace and more – Derek


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