Living into the real meaning of the birth of Jesus! Won’t you join us?

DSC_0148 (1)
Rebekah welcoming at 7:00

Jesus – “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

I believe this is a good moment – just before the last Sunday of 2019 – to remember exactly what Christmas is about and why “living into” the meaning of Christ’s birth is the only practical way to make our way into 2020 with real hope, and peace, and love, and joy.

I have three sets of photographs to share with you, all from Christmas Eve worship at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church. The images are beautiful, but the story is even more wondrous.

  1. From 4:00 in the sanctuary (15 photos): The story of Creator God choosing to become a vulnerable human being and make a life here with us. The story of the children, here in this church in the 21st Century, understanding Jesus with such clarity and then offering the newborn baby to us.
  2. Then at 7:00, the spectacle of hundreds upon hundreds of people showing up on our campus and filling the CLC with enthusiasm, and love, and open hearts, gathered together to worship the newborn king (23 images).
  3. Finally (just 11 pics), the traditional late-night crowd coming out to the church to see the last hour of Christmas Eve turn into Christmas Day, and to remember the ultimate sacrifice, the culmination of the redemptive, earth shattering consequences of incarnation, taking the bread and the wine, and putting the story into context.

These are some of the best photographs I have taken at church. The point is to enjoy them of course, but also to remember that this is why Jesus came, to give us the opportunity to live as redeemed, forgiven, grateful people, and to worship together in spirit and in truth.

IMG_E7538So “Merry Christmas” once again from me and Rebekah too. And please consider this invitation to join us in worship Sunday morning (10:00 this week) and to “Live Into” Christmas rather than miss the good news – the wonderful news – in all the glitz and wrapping.

Peace and blessings – always – DEREK

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