The family photos we have dreamed of!

Rebekah and me with our grandchildren

One of the challenges after not writing for several days is the overload of available subject matter now that I have a little time to post.

I’ll go back to Christmas Eve later, but for today I absolutely must share these family photos from our epic Boxing Day celebration here at Maul Hall.

Naomi and Craig with the wiggle-worms

Of course when it comes to our latest grandchild, Mr. T., you’re still only going to see the back of his head. His parents’ online policy (read here if you want details) essentially sets up two criteria for photo-shoots: Traditional shots in family portraits designed to hang on the wall and for internal consumption, then “flip the baby around” for these images I get to share.

Fortunately they all work beautifully.

I have to say that this past week at Maul Hall – a rolling house party where all three of our grandchildren were together, and where (for the first time in two and a half years) our entire immediate family had the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company – was one of the signal epic moments of family history.

4 generations of Maul men: Derek, David, Andrew, “Mr. T.”

With Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T. living in Dresden we simply do not know when we can repeat this kind of event. Additionally, the family photograph anchored by my parents, and the “four generations of Maul men” shot are in all likelihood one-off images.

So here they are, I will write more about the week later, and share other photos. But for today these are the photos I can’t hold back from sharing.

Enjoy, and know that Rebekah and I not only celebrate this family, but pray for yours too. Every blessing – DEREK

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