We raised our children to embrace adventure – now we have to live with it


Photos: Fun at the park before the rain set in…

I’m here in Richmond this week spending a few quality “Granddaddy Days” with the grandchildren. But I am already so tired. Bone weary. I don’t know how parents of young children do it! I don’t know how we did it. Oh, yes, now I remember; I guess once upon a time we were a little younger!

Of course it doesn’t help that I am sick. I either got a “mild” case of the flu from my shot last week or I have the world’s worst head cold – and I’m still trying to recover. You can’t schedule these things for convenient times so here I am. I’m going to be okay, but there’s this major disruption in the balance of the force in that I am all kinds of energy deficient and the kids are so very much alive.

It helps that they are wonderful, kind, obedient, thoughtful, and well behaved. But also let’s not forget loud, rambunctious, silly, imaginative, and loaded with energy.

The Reason I’m Here:

IMG_8197I’m not here just because I love to see the kids, though. The reason behind the visit is a real heartbreaker for me and Rebekah. I’m taking care of our grandchildren – David and Beks – because their parents flew to Miami Monday afternoon for three days of house-hunting, school-shopping, and orientation in advance of their upcoming big Florida move in the middle of February.

That’s right, not too many years ago Naomi and Craig lived in Connecticut and we were in Tampa. Then we moved to Raleigh and they transferred to Richmond, so for several years we were just two hours apart. Now they’re headed as far south as it‘s possible to go, and off go our beautiful grandchildren too.

Career Opportunity for Craig:


The Miami metro area is an expanding growth market for the Trader Joe’s grocery chain and that spells opportunity for our son-in-law. Craig has made a big impact in the organization. He is liked and respected both by the people who work for him and the corporate folk who call the shots.

Rebekah and I are both very proud of Craig and well aware that an opportunity like this can be a career-defining moment. We completely understand and respect their decision to move – but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Being together with the entire family over Christmas was a rare and special treat. But we have to acknowledge that we are the ones who raised our children to love this world, to bloom and shine, to embrace opportunity, and to build community wherever they happen to be.

“You’re welcome, Miami”

So we’ll say the same thing to Miami that we said to Dresden: “You’re welcome.” and “I hope you realize how lucky you are to have them.”

Peace and more peace – Derek


5 thoughts on “We raised our children to embrace adventure – now we have to live with it

  1. Please tell Craig that Pensacola is in desperate need of a Trader Joe’s!! I even emailed TJ’s to tell them! Maybe you all can wind up back here after all is said and done?!?🙏🏻😁


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