When hugs are better than explanations


This morning I’m tying up loose ends here in Richmond before heading back to Wake Forest after lunch. Moving creates a lot of stress for a family and I hope I’ve been able to give our grandchildren some solid ground to hold on to for the past few days – as well as some peace of mind for their parents while they have been trying to nail down a comfortable place to live when they all arrive in Miami.

That’s why making Slime seemed like such a great idea for Wednesday afternoon after school! Who doesn’t feel more at ease with a slippery mess oozing between your fingers and all over the dining room table (“Safe and non-toxic” of course)?

Regardless, there were tears from both children before the evening was over, and the sobs had very little to do with anything other than the inescapable feeling of unsettlement that is at the back of everyone’s mind and settling into their hearts.

“I love you so much. Grandmamma loves you too. Miami is going to be so cool. Your mama and daddy will be home soon. We are never alone. God loves this family and is always with us no matter what happens. You are so completely loved.”

IMG_E8295And they just want to hear it. They want to know and feel that someone who loves them is right there in the room to snuggle up with. Someone who is going to miss them very much when they move away… Then I may have leaked a little around the eyeballs too.

So David and Beks both went to sleep feeling reassured – we all did. And they woke up this morning happy and ready for school, but the tears will come again.

It really does take a village. I love our grandchildren so much, and I’d do anything for them. But today I am just one very tired grandparent…

In love, and because of love – DEREK


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