Rolling my sleeve up for Jesus (why I gave at the Blood Drive)

“Faith is dead when it does not result in faithful activity…” – James 2

image by Leslie Krusow

This is not the first time I have confessed to being a bit of a baby regarding medical stuff that involves discomfort. I can’t stand needles, and I’m more than a little fearful when it comes to pain.

Consequently the blood drive at our church – three times a year – can be a real conflict of interest. Well, until I think it through. So here are the “pros and cons.”

  • I believe we all have a responsibility to help others to the extent that we can;
  • I believe in sharing God’s love with the world;
  • I am committed to the essential mission of WFPC, which places a strong emphasis on serving in the name of Jesus;
  • I love and respect the folk in our church who are behind this effort;
  • I am a leader, and with leadership comes responsibility;
  • I agree with James – that faith without action is not really faith at all.

Now the long list of “cons”:

  1. I am a needle wimp.
Stacie and Whitman (two of my favorite Williamsons)

Stack the “pro” list (and a lot more) up against the fact that I am a needle wimp and it’s really no contest. So I headed over to the church Sunday afternoon and I rolled up my sleeve.

Pulling off a successful blood drive requires a ton of work from a huge number of volunteers, in addition to the professional folk who actually draw the blood. Like so much of our mission and ministry this initiative is another one of those this-is-what-love-looks-like demonstrations where WFPC excels, providing more than just precious units of blood but also critical leadership in the community.

God’s initiatives of grace and mercy:

Shannon Whitley reads the time away

I have talked a lot recently about the fact that salvation is best described as joining in with God’s initiatives of love, light, grace, mercy, healing, kindness, goodness, and encouragement. Well, giving the gift of life turns out to be one more great example.

Let me run that thought from James by us all again. It is so pointed and so apropos:

“My brothers and sisters, what good is it if people say they have faith but do nothing to show it? Claiming to have faith can’t save anyone, can it? Imagine a brother or sister who is naked and never has enough food to eat. What if one of you said, “Go in peace! Stay warm! Have a nice meal!”? What good is it if you don’t actually give them what their body need? In the same way, faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity.” – James 2:14-17

IMG_E8567Of course (and we discussed this during the focus on James last year), action is a necessary component of the definition of faith. Faith without action is not faith, it is something else. Faith is belief plus action.

Here’s my question, then: What does our faith in Jesus lead to? What is the life that cannot help but spill over? Remember, salvation is not transactional it is transformational.

Peace – DEREK

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