What to do with Grandchildren on a rainy day…


I don’t know if it’s because they are both such “full of beans” children, overstuffed with imagination and creativity, or if this week of transition between their life in Richmond and the new adventure in Miami has made it hard to feel settled, but getting anything done in the way of work seems to be next to impossible.

IMG_8651David and Beks are great kids, kind and smart and really well behaved, but grandparenting is extra hands-on and serious writing time is just not happening!

Right now they’re playing a ridiculously noisy game of “Go Fish.” So I’ll take this opportunity to share a few photos from the Thursday edition of, “It’s raining all day and there’s nothing to do!”

Dominoes, building, Legos, reading, playing ukulele, trying on a wedding veil, making bread with Grandmama, making Valentines, hanging with the dog, listening to stories.

Today it’s cold but sunny. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Peace, and more Peace – DEREK

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