this surreal feeling – like a Category 5 hurricane is forecast to hit us dead on…

morning light in Tyler Run

(Note: 1st of two posts today. The second will contain a link to the lesson for my Sunday morning class…)

Jesus: “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Don’t be troubled or afraid.” – John 14:27

Saturday was a spectacular day! I was up early, watching the light gradually illuminate our neighborhood, tinting everything with gold, reminding me that – thus far – the day was fresh, new, possible, unspoiled.

I met with some of the guys at Panera for coffee, then took a mug upstairs to wake Rebekah. We decided it was past time to begin some spring clean-up around the garden and so we picked up sticks, and limbs, and other debris, pulled out vines and brambles, bagged pine cones, raked pine straw, and more.

a long day of yard work

I made several huge piles by the street, then got my mower going for the first time this year. I worked almost five hours and enjoyed every minute of it. The air was fresh, the sunshine beautiful, and – kind of surreal in the middle of this super-serious national crisis – I felt, I still feel, a deep sense of calm.

Calm before the storm?

Nothing is any different, there are only a handful of people in Wake County who have become sick, and there is not even the vaguest sign of a storm on the horizon… but it is as if the world has momentarily stopped dead in its tracks and we just know it’s going to start rotating in the opposite direction, or careen off course, or the moon is about to plummet from the sky.

Dad and I got out for another good walk. Then we invited my parents over for hamburgers. Just good, average, normal stuff.

IMG_9113All of a sudden I remember Hurricane Opal from when we lived in Pensacola. It was 1995. When we went to bed the storm was a Category 2 predicted to make landfall in Mississippi a 1. Early the next day Andrew woke us. “Mama, Dad,” he said. “Opal is a Category 4 and it’s going to hit us dead on as a strong 5.”

Well, that got our attention. But at the last minute the storm “weakened” before veering off the east, running into Fort Walton Beach as a Category 3.

Maybe this COVID-19 will veer off and weaken. I sure hope so, we’re doing everything correct and according to instructions here in Wake County. Yet I still can’t shake this feeling that we’re just sitting here in our lawn chairs, grilling hamburgers and waiting for a Category 5 to hit us dead on.

Praying for peace. And healing, that too – DEREK

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