we still have community, we still love each other, we still care for one another, we still need each other

In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other. – Romans 12:5

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author Derek Maul lives, writes, and worships in Wake Forest

I had an interesting conversation with my parents Friday afternoon. We were talking about the current international health crisis, and the excellent letter Rebekah has sent out, outlining WFPC’s response in light of Governor Roy Cooper’s request that groups not meet if they are expecting 100 people or more.

Our church campus will be closed through the end of March and every surface will undergo a deep sanitization process. The community will meet, however, via creative “virtual” worship services at 10:00 each Sunday – on the church Facebook page -live from Rebekah’s office, and the discipleship team is considering creative ways to continue offering faith formation classes via video too.

Something historically unprecedented had to happen:

bombed out churchMy mother and her family lived in London during World War Two. “Not even the bombing would stop public worship,” she said.

It’s true. Sometimes it would mean gathering to sing hymns and listen to a message in the bombed out ruins of a sanctuary. But they would meet.

I remember worship in Florida, post hurricane and with no power. Or the story our son Andrew told of his winter at Ft. Drum, walking into the town Sunday morning after a blizzard because the Presbyterians were the only ones still having church!

Meet with us on line for virtual worship with Rebekah, 10:00 Sunday morning!

No matter what is happening, we still have community, we still love each other, we still care for one another, we still need each other. But it’s a virus, and effectively more disruptive than bombs or hurricanes or blizzards. So the “community” element of church, the hugging and the ministry of presence, is the one thing we can’t have! This is unprecedented, yes, but absolutely not unmanageable. Because – regardless – we are The Body, we remain a faith community, we will always be called together in love.

20150228__20150301_A10_ND01BOSTONp1So while we may not be gathering together at the building on Capital Boulevard this Sunday, we are still worshipping together as God’s people, called to be one body in the context of our faith family, Wake Forest Presbyterian Church.

If you are at all fearful, or anxious regarding all of this coronavirus disruption and the huge impact it is having on day-to-day life, I recommend reading yesterday’s post, We’re Going to be Okay.

And talk with God about it, talk with God about everything, all the time. Also, worship with us Sunday morning at 10:00. May this be a season of spiritual grace for each one of us.


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