A few words for grandchild number four (love is first a choice and then a commitment)


I love this combination of photographs. One end of the generational spectrum and the other. They are both wonderful images: Naomi grabbed the perfect Chamber of Commerce “isn’t Miami just the coolest place on earth?” picture of the children. Then I caught my parents in a light, loving moment on their deck here in Wake Forest.

There is such a lot to talk about in these images, apart from writing a new “Granddaddy Letters” entry for our latest addition. That’s right, number four for us if anyone is counting!

IMG_0029I’m guessing you all noticed the casual way I threw that in, right? Yes, Rebekah and I are very happy to say that we have another new grandchild on the way. How exciting! This time it’s the Miami crew; Naomi and Craig made the story “Facebook Official” Friday by sharing this wonderful photograph along with the following caption:

Beks: “WOW. Your belly is going to be so HUGE! But-don’t-worry-you-are-still-beautiful.”
David: “Can we name it Skywalker?”

Naomi: “Baby Campbell #3 arriving early December!”

So, well, maybe I do have a few granddaddy words to say to the little peanut. I’ll make it just a few bullets. Dear #4:

  • First, check out the great-grandparents, pictured above. Maybe if you are so fortunate you will have the opportunity to get to know them. Regardless, know this: they already love you. That is because love is first a choice and then a commitment. It’s what you get when you are part of a family that understands what it means to be loved so deeply by God, and to put that agape quality of love into practice in response.
  • Then, live gratefully. Life is this unpredictable, unmanageable, unreasonable, unfathomable, uncontainable gift. You can see it in the way people who “get” this live. For the person of faith this is all about grace. Grace is how God interacts with us, and why Jesus went to every possible length to make sure we would understand how accessible real, authentic, abundant life can be.
  • Finally (there will be more but this is a blog post and people can only take so much at a time!), hold on to your family no matter what. Your parents, Naomi and Craig, are such beautiful people and they want nothing more – and certainly nothing less – than for you to be secure and safe in a home defined by generous, faithful, unconditional, love. Your siblings – David and Beks – are such bright, intelligent, creative, enthusiastic practitioners of abundant life that you are in for the ride of your life. Actually, the ride is your life, so hold on tight and stick close to your grandparents…

That’s all for now. But stay tuned. We have a lot to talk about! Your loving Granddaddy Derek




4 thoughts on “A few words for grandchild number four (love is first a choice and then a commitment)

  1. Pat Stuart

    Congratulations Derek and Rebecca.Being a grandparent is such a wonderful gift from God. You blog is beautiful this Am. Bill and I are the proud grandparents of 8 grandchildren (including 2 spouses) they range in age from 19 to 31. I want to share a secret. If you live long enough you may be blessed with great grandchildren. They are so special in this time of our lives. We have Ella Grace (5) and Monroe (almost 2). Recently we got a phone all from our grandson Harry telling us that we are being blessed with a great grandson in February. So even in 2020 God sends us grace to sustain us. Like you and Rebecca our challenge is distance. These precious children live in Shreveport, Tulsa and Fountain Colorado.. But again God’s grace gives us electronics that enable us to be part of their lives. Congratulations again and prayers for the world these little ones will become a part of. Blessings Pat


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