the haircut, the children, the food #5PhotoFriday

“We all wear masks…”

In case anyone was wondering, it is still sopping wet here in Wake Forest. Rain; extra rain; more rain; still more rain; additional rain. In short, rain.

So I figured a nice, positive, colorful “Photo-Friday” post would provide some light for the day.

I’m going to start by piggy-backing on yesterday’s good news from Dresden with a couple of sweet images from Miami. Thanks again, Naomi, for your always excellent photos.

The Campbell family are doing their best to finish off the first South Florida school year for David and Beks with nothing but positives. They only had a couple of short weeks in class before their new school closed down!

The children have both done well with on-line learning, and their parents have done a stellar job keeping them busy and engaged. But the fact remains that they are eight and almost seven and they have to be going stir crazy. Hence the new bikes.


Miami seems to suit them, though. The neighborhood is a great place to ride and – really – they can’t stay locked down forever… can they?

Finally a haircut!

IMG_0172I may not have much hair anymore, but scraggly is scraggly and I was getting untidy and uncomfortable. Besides, it’s beginning to warm towards summer and my approach has always been “less is more” once the temperatures hit 80.

So thank you so much to Lauren for jumping on board when the restrictions eased this week! She squeezed me in Thursday afternoon (believe me, I don’t take up any real time!) and now my head feels liberated.

I am not sure how the timetable will work with our slow-motion reopening here in Wake Forest, but if just one haircut feels this good I can imagine how fabulous it’s going to feel the first day we get to worship together on the campus at WFPC.

Always good food:

IMG_0147Another sign of summer is having generous friends who know how to grow a vegetable or two.

This bowl of new potatoes and onions did not last long once it got in my kitchen. I may not like too much summer heat but I love love love the fresh vegetables around Wake Forest.

I am honestly working hard to avoid the natural consequences of cooking too many good meals at home. I know we’ve all heard of “the freshman 15,” well I’m doing my best not to follow the example of the many folk now sporting “the Covid 19…” Or 20, or 25.

This dish from last night is a great example. Swordfish steak, a 50-50 rice-cauliflower mix, and a vegetable medley. The caper sauce I made turned out beautifully, starting with butter and flower, adding buttermilk, then stirring in dillweed, onion, salt, sesame, a dash of soy, and the capers to make a delicious savory complement.

This month is, unbelievably, wrapping up. Stay positive, stay sane, stay smart, stay healthy, and – most of all – stay connected with your community in every creative way that you can.

In love, and because love never fails – DEREK


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