Reminders of vibrant life: 4-photo-Friday

IMG_0583Okay, so I love “Photo Friday.” Not only is it a fun way to review what pictures I have left out over the week, but it’s generally a lighter post. And, when there is so much heaviness that demands my attention as a commentator from day to day, lighter is a breath of fresh air.

First, I could write a series of posts just on this one photograph of Rebekah. It’s a “still” I pulled from one of her morning devotional video blogs, but it tells a great story.

If you don’t typically view Rebekah’s video posts then you are missing out. If you are a member of WFPC what you are missing is daily communication from/with your pastor. And if you are not a part of the church then you are missing a unique window into the soul of what it means to be a Wake Forest Presbyterian. Either way, it’s a great investment of five minutes to help launch the trajectory of your day. You can check them out here, most mornings, at the WFPC Facebook Page Videos.


It seems the grandchildren have settled in to Miami well. It was tough to arrive in a new city and then immediately go on lockdown, missing out on the new school, new friends, and a new church for their new beginning. But it may have been a serendipity, as having to stay home has kept the family focused on supporting one another as they become part of their new community.

Regardless, they are a beautiful family, and the children already seem to be Florida kids through and through. In many ways, they just look like they belong.


This photo popped up on my Facebook “memories,” reminding me that this time of the year is often the week for Vacation Bible School.


How sad that the WFPC campus is not overrun with children this year. We absolutely still have the children, we know this because they have been driving their parents bananas through this whole “School at home” situation, and because our children’s ministry folks have been working overtime to keep in touch, keep engaged, and keep our young families connected.

Nobody likes the lockdown, and nobody feels good about keeping distance from the people we love; but there is also nobody at our church who is willing to put anyone at risk just so we can enjoy the buzz and the thrill of a crowded get together.

So this “Photo-Friday” contribution is just a reminder that life, full and abundant, still defines what it means to be a community of faith doing God’s good work together.

I miss every one of you – and especially the enthusiastic pack of children who keep things lively; the ones in Miami and the ones here at the church – DEREK




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