A photograph that should win the Internet today

Our daughter Naomi with her three children

It is probably obvious how much I appreciate photography. For me, my camera is an extension of my commitment to share great stories. When I write, the process is all about communicating something that has impacted my heart and soul; photographs are essentially the same thing.

Sometimes an image manages to move beyond the reach of words – although I never want to abandon the writing part. Probably the best examples of this are the children. I could have the eloquence of a Pulitzer-winning author and never achieve the impact of one shining image of our grandchildren.

With “Mr. T.” still under the radar this picture should win the Internet!

This is one reason the restrictions pertaining to our now 11-month old grandson in Germany are so hard for a professional communicator like myself! We understand and respect his parents’ decision to keep his name and face off of social media (read their explanation here, at their “Intentionally International” blogsite), but at the same time I know how powerful an image of “Mr. T.” would be in an article like this one.

IMG_0697So this first photograph – that I will title “Our daughter Naomi with her three children” – should, I believe, absolutely win the Internet today – photo credit Craig Campbell.

Seriously, folks, why would anyone want to look at one more image of some obnoxious politician going “blah, blah, blah, blah…” when they could look at out amazing grandchildren? Number three should make his appearance around December 7th, but in my judgment he is already a very real part of the family.

The other photograph is one we asked for after we received an absolute gem featuring a rapt “Mr. T.” reading with his mama in Germany (sorry, can’t share that here!).

IMG_0692Reading both to and with the children has been a definitive and unifying activity throughout our family history, a bedrock value that we followed through with no matter what, from bedtime to rainy afternoons to road-trips and more. And we are thrilled that Naomi is doing it with David, Beks, and future-grandson-to-come.

If these make you smile, then I have done my job for today.

Love and blessings from our loved and blessed family – DEREK

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