Five Photo Friday (two dogs, a few summer flowers, and four beautiful people)

Well July is – unbelievably – already just a few hours from wrapping up. But today is still a Friday, so we’ll keep this simple ahead of tomorrow’s “Month in Review.”

These are five photos that got skipped earlier in the week.

First – of course – our newest family member, Max. Max Retriever is beginning to look like he belongs here, so he helped recreate the pose Scout Labradoodle perfected back in 2013. Here the photos are, side by side.

Then, the garden is doing its wild summer thing and the rain has helped. Black-eyed Susans are popping up all over the place and the Crape Myrtles are adding splashes of color to the neighborhood.

So that’s it for July. August is full with promise, and possibility, and hope. I look forward to sharing it with you.


Then there’s this “can’t miss” sun-shiny family portrait from the beach in South Miami. Our daughter Naomi and her beautiful family are embracing everything that makes Florida “The Sunshine State” including, of course, the water. They make me smile.

Craig, Naomi, Beks, David

That’s it for me. I will see you in the new month. Peace – DEREK

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