Golf Course Photography and an unabashed Brag!

Happy eagle photo!

“July in review” will come later, but this morning I want to share a blessing from Friday. My friend, George, invited me to play golf and – as always – we really enjoyed the outing. I want to tell you about one hole in particular and share some photographs.

It may have been seriously hot in the afternoon, but the morning was pleasant and the sky full with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. The grass was lush, the trees a thousand shades of green, the Crepe Myrtles popped, and my new driver was on fire!

Consequently, after probably the longest drive of my life on the 8th, I found myself with 220 yards to the green and the outside possibility of reaching the par-five in two. My 3 hybrid found its sweet spot and the ball came to rest around fifteen feet from the hole. My putt, a curling right to left breaker, dropped into the middle of the cup and I raised my hands in disbelief.

My first eagle in probably twenty years or more! I think I have only had five in my life; two of those were holes-in-one and two were chip-ins.

That’s it. I have yard work to do so I’ll post “July in review” much later.

Peace and blessings – DEREK


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