Seven images you will love – for “Photo Friday”!

After posting several fairly serious articles this week, now it’s Friday and the emphasis is back on the photos.

School in session:

First these two wonderful images of the grandchildren engaged in virtual learning at home.

They are so patient, waiting for district-wide technical difficulties to be resolved so they can meet with their teachers.

David is beginning 3rd Grade, and Beks is getting started with 2nd. I am so proud of both children, and their parents too for making things work as best as possible in this curious time.

Rebekah’s daily “Coffee-time”

If you haven’t listened to Rebekah’s daily video devotions I’d recommend tuning in, and then coming back every day. She is encouraging, personal, inspirational, and pastoral. Today’s – “About Salvation” – is a great example. Once you’re at the WFPC Facebook page you can view any of her archived messages.

The two photos are simply “screen-shots” from today’s video. Rebekah may or may not be happy about the selections!

The cul-de-sac
– mum and dad’s house – left, and ours

I love the way our home and my parents’ home get lost in the trees. Sure, this means a lot of leaves and pine-straw and raking. But I think it’s cool to be deep in the woods.

Look closely and you can see my mum walking Max in front of the our house.

You knew there would be food!

Of course I have to include a foodie photo. There is nothing like a flash-fried white fish with a light sauce, served with Jasmine rice (with celery) and fresh veggies.

Have an amazing weekend, and don’t forget to keep a daily devotional routine to keep deeply connected with your faith.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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