Walking to Defeat ALS (and seeing our amazing church family!)

– Rebekah, Max, and me with Randall (“the” Randall)

What a great morning! Rebekah and I got to see more members of WFPC in a couple of hours than we have over the past two months! The occasion both gave me hope for what is possible once we have the “okay” to gather for in-person worship, and reminded me that we are still a faithful and energetic community of disciples engaged in active ministry every single day.

One of our members, Randall Keen, is literally in the fight of his life with ALS. Last year a bunch of us participated in the big downtown walk to raise money for research (“A Prayer for Randall”), but this year the mass event was cancelled. So Randall’s “team” organized a walk at the church and it has been an unqualified success.

– walking to end ALS

Over 160 people participated (latest count). We were scheduled in “no more than 30” timeslots, spread out over the morning, and at this time of writing (around noon) $20,000 dollars has been raised.

Here’s my encouragement to get on board and donate. Research that benefits the fight against ALS will also likely help similar efforts to defeat MS, motor-neuron, and other related diseases. They are essentially branches of the same tree, and we absolutely believe that progress can be made.

So enjoy these photographs, think about what you can do to help, and most of all pray for everyone involved. Pray for the victims, the families, the doctors, other health-care workers, and the researchers.

And pray especially for my friend Randall and his family.

Peace, hope, grace, and promise – DEREK

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