Woohoo! It’s another glorious Sunday morning!

– A few of the good Wake Forest Presby-people

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago

Isaiah 25:1

September 13: Good Sunday morning, friends! I don’t know about you, but I am excited about today. It may be all COVID-19 out there, and we may still be meeting virtually for worship and Sunday school, but in my heart and mind I am scrunched up in a huge group hug with around 500-plus of you… and it feels so wonderfully good.

That’s why I chose this photograph to go with today’s post. I was sifting through some of the salvaged, rescued images that survived the smoke-coming-out-of-my-computer meltdown in the recent lightning strike – and this one just grabbed me.

Rally Day!

The image was taken, aptly enough, at WFPC on Rally day a couple of years ago. A bunch of us were outside waiting, I think, for Luke’s drone to fly by and take a group photo. So I stuck my arm up to less-than-drone height and took this picture. Love it.

The discipleship folk asked a bunch of us to make a one-minute video for this morning’s worship service, talking about our classes and what to expect going forward. Of course I don’t have any idea what’s happening more than a couple of days out, but I do know that we are all in God’s good and gracious hands; and that is exactly where I want to be as a teacher.

The class is different from the men’s groups I facilitate, it’s Adult Education Sunday school. To be honest the format is easier, because there’s more teaching and less moderating of conversation.

So here – on this short video – is my spiel; one minute and ten seconds. What I’d like from you is a response to the following questions:

  1. “Hearing this, what would you expect/anticipate from my class?”
  2. “What would you be interested in learning more about, given this introduction?”

My reason for asking is simple: I’d like to possibly see a new book emerge from the next series of classes I teach. So any insight would be helpful.

So again, “HAPPY SUNDAY!!” Don’t miss the opportunity to be in church. And remember, it’s Rally Day! You could very well find exactly the place where God wants you to make a committed step forward as a serious disciple.

In love, and because love always wins – DEREK


  1. Derek,

    1. Listening to your message I would anticipate a holistic, thoughtful approach to Christianity. I would anticipate an openness to difficult questions. I would also expect to finish the class feeling more committed to Christ.
    2. I would be interested in learning how the early church lived and how we can learn from them while also incorporating their example while adjusting to our current times. I would also be interested in any suggestions you may have for spiritual growth.

    Thank you,
    Aaron V. Lopez

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  2. That is very cool! I would much like to be involved with a group like that. I miss attending Sunday school classes. I learned so much as a kid. In answer to your questions;
    1. “Hearing this, what would you expect/anticipate from my class?”
    I would expect a practical explanation or “breaking down” of what was taught on Sunday’s, a deeper knowledge of what it truly means to follow Jesus in our every day lives, and learning how to discuss issues in the world today through the eyes of our Savior.
    2. “What would you be interested in learning more about, given this introduction?”
    For me personally, I would love to learn how to grow deeper in God’s word, how to apply what I learned in a practical manner and sharing my faith in an authentic way, and being able to have deeper discussions with other believers than just how our weeks are going or what we had for supper the night before(even though I enjoy those convos too ^_^).

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