More Evidence of Life (donuts and Jesus)

I have two posts today, both focusing on photographs. This first set is from “Donuts for Rally Day.” Or, as some people put it, “Rallying for Donuts!”

Traditionally, the annual Church Rally Day involves a combination of promotion Sunday for kids and promoting the slate of great classes offered for adults. This weekend WFPC took the opportunity to do this and more, including rolling out an extensive pamphlet that catalogs the wide range of cutting-edge ministries the church is engaging this Fall.

So, while almost everything is still very much virtual, people had the opportunity to drive through the circle before worship to pick up a dozen donut holes and the information packet.

Awesome parade:

– Rebekah trying to hitch as ride

Each car rolling up could look pretty much the same (other than Dean Tryon’s classic or Kevin Sharpe’s Mustang convertible), so I took the opportunity to get some creative angles.

But my favorite shot is the one featuring so many of the church ministry and program staff, meeting and greeting and making some noise! Katherine (director of children, family, and youth), John (pastor for discipleship and mission), Jim (guru for audio-visual), Rebekah (senior pastor), Amy (assistant director of children’s ministry), and Janet (director of youth ministry).

What a wonderful group of people, living for and in the Good News of God’s ongoing story!

Don’t for a minute think that a global pandemic can begin to quiet these voices! – DEREK

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