Sunday Part II – a “packed-out” church: (Well, full with light, power, and love)

So “live-action” worship at WFPC is of course a significant step forward in the move towards in-person services. Because even when we get the go-ahead to begin, the gatherings will at first be masked, distanced, and limited in terms of numbers. Livestream will still account for the largest numbers in terms of attendance.

  • Catch up with worship at this link – “Restoration Promised“. An excellent message from pastor John!

It is great, then, that our audio-visual techie folk now have a new arsenal of tools to make it all happen. This computer, for example, is so overloaded with brainpower it has an extra large appendage protruding behind the screen (yes, it’s a laptop with a big butt!). The machine needs two power sources to run!

Privileged to be there!

– Derek Maul at WFPC

I’ve got to tell you I was very excited to be sitting in the Wake Forest Presbyterian Church pews again for worship. Even if – other than Jim and Anita (our elder for technology) – I was the only one.

During worship, around a dozen adult-education leaders were featured in a series of one-minute videos describing their fall classes. Then pastor John shared a really helpful message about moving forward. He even used a cheesy but appropriate prop (see photo, below), holding up this excellent sign toward the end of his sermon: “Don’t look back: you’re not going that way”.

It was an empty room, physically… but a jam-packed space, spiritually, loaded with energy and love.

But that’s church in a nutshell, isn’t it? Or – I guess – “shouldn’t it be?” A space jam-packed with spiritual life, loaded with energy and love.

I will see you in church (you can even attend right now, via this link). Virtually and (very soon, I hope) in person. Enjoy this pictorial storyboard from Sunday worship, September 13.

In love – DEREK


  1. Praying you are able to have at least some of the congregation meet in person soon. Love the photos, and can’t wait to hear the sermon from Sunday. I try to catch it every so often.

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