In this most extraordinary time – a call to live in light, in peace, and in love

– Derek Maul lives, thinks, pontificates, and writes in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Welcome to October. I always have this great sense of anticipation on the first of a new month. It’s not a new year, but it absolutely is a blank slate of possibilities regardless.

Months are not arbitrary divisions in our calendar year, they are related to the natural rhythms of life. The Moon; the stars; the journey our small planet takes around our Sun; the ages and the seasons.

Also the spiritual rhythms. Advent; Christmas; Epiphany; Ordinary Time; Lent; Easter; Pentecost; more Ordinary Time.

Of course there is nothing “ordinary” about now. Instead, I see a time loaded with both challenge and potential. Or, as Rebekah has always been famous for saying, “opportunity”.

  • This world is overwhelmed with sickness and despair – our opportunity is hope and healing.
  • There is a national “incivility-fest” going on – we have the opportunity to be civil.
  • There is a lot of separation and loneliness out there – we have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.
  • This country is full with anger – we have the opportunity to gift it with grace.
  • People are despondent – our opportunity is to sow joy.
  • Our nation is defined by turmoil – we can take the opportunity to offer real peace.
  • America is divided – our opportunity is to promote and to represent unity.
  • People are at each other’s throats – Jesus calls us to invite people into love.

Like I said, this is a new month; today is a new day. We are called, individually and as a body of believers, to be so filled with light and love and mercy and grace and healing and promise that the Gospel (the Good News of love and reconciliation) just overflows from our hearts and into the lives of those around us.

If you run into anyone who claims that Jesus is leading them in some other direction than light, love, mercy, grace, healing, and promise, then I would have to question if it is indeed Jesus they are following.

The Apostle Paul said it well: “If you died with Christ to the way the world thinks and acts, why do you submit to rules and regulations as though you were living in the world?”

Colossians 2:20

In love, and because love is the high calling of Jesus – DEREK


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