A Beautiful North Carolina Fall Weekend

– Henderson Country Club

Here’s a short Sunday morning post to remind us that we live in a startlingly beautiful world and that here – in North Carolina at least – fall is beginning to makes its presence known and the timing couldn’t be better.

Saturday I spent a delightful few hours with friends, chasing a little white ball around the hills and valleys of Henderson Country Club, just north of Wake Forest.

The golf was, as per usual, inconsistent at best. But the blessing of good people with generous hearts, enjoying life and having fun together, was something altogether wonderful.

– writer Derek Maul

I don’t think I say/write/post this often enough. So here I go again. I am beyond grateful that Rebekah and I live in such a lovely place as this, immersed in such a faithful community of believers, and surrounded with such beautiful people.

I pray that I will see you in worship. Please join us at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, online at 10:00.



  1. Such beauty….it is hard to find in my little corner of IL. However, I choose to remain grateful to God that I have all my basic needs met and I am showing love to my friends and neighbors.

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  2. Will do. Hoping to get some good shots this weekend when we go to our local farm to pick out some pumpkins. Check out Eckerts in Belleville to see what I mean.


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