Four Photo Friday Fiesta

Today’s “Photo Fiesta” is not a deliberate attempt to steer our focus away from politics – it’s just a fortunate side-effect! This is what happens when we look at life with an open heart and a grateful spirit.

– “The Beard”

First, “The Beard” may actually be ready for this weekend’s Walk Through Bethlehem (movie) shooting schedule. To be honest, I’m surprised it did this well. Well, maybe what happened was a simple transfer of hair energy from the top of my head to an alternate location?

Plus, after close to a full week, I am finally – pretty much – feeling on the mend. Most importantly, the sore throat is (almost) completely better.

Disney fun:

Naomi, Craig, and the children had a great week at Disney, making some wonderful memories together.

If one photo could sum up just how beautiful this family is then this would be it. Well, until baby number three comes along in December and we need a new one.


Here’s Max, at Rebekah’s feet listening to her play ukulele while I am preparing dinner. I think it was a soulful arrangement of “Rainbow Connection” (she’s getting very good). Regardless, Max brings such a calm, warm, “all is well” vibe to Maul-Hall. What a good dog! We feel beyond blessed that we came together.

Max and My Mother:

Yes, he is our dog. But Max is also very much a gift to mum and dad next door.

In a world that could always use more positive affirmations and mutual encouragement, everyone should have access to a Golden Retriever!

That’s it – Photo Friday for this time around. Have a most blessed and encouraging weekend! Peace – DEREK


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