50 photos of the North Carolina Piedmont (at Brevofield Golf Links)

holes #1 and #2 at Brevofield Golf Links

Brevofield Golf Links here in Wake Forest is an easily accessible and affordable public golf course, not much more than ten minutes from our house. The fairways may not be clipped and manicured like some of the posher venues, but it is a beautiful tract of land. Not only that, but when they laid out the design they didn’t push around millions of cubic yards of dirt to change the natural contours of the landscape.

For years I’ve been saying some version of, “Next time I play here I should bring my camera.” Well this time I did.

– author/photographer Derek Maul

I hit 41 on the front and 42 on the back. But most of my best shots came through the lens of my DSLR – there are 50 of those.

Take a few moments to enjoy this collection. I can guarantee the journey around Brevofield will sooth your soul. – DEREK

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