Good Holy Foodie Bearded Reflections

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Romans 8:28

It has been another good food week here at Maul-Hall. I would have to hope so, considering the recent “budget planning” exercise I went through. Apparently the much talked about, “Covid has significantly increased the average household expenditure on groceries” effect is actually a thing.

I don’t know who keeps putting all these yummy items in my cart at the store, but we certainly are enjoying them.

– honeyglaze grilled salmon

Fact is, if I have another thin-sliced “leftover” fillet mignon sandwich for lunch (paired with vegetable soup and my favorite IPA) I may just have to enroll in some kind of a 12-step program for foodies.

The other image features the honey-glazed grilled salmon we enjoyed Tuesday evening, along with the amazing rice recipe I first shared a couple of weeks back (if you want the recipe it’s in this post). So very good!

The beard situation:

So I finally took the fuzzy beard experiment situation in for a tune up. This past weekend was “go” time for our church’s Walk Through Bethlehem movie shoot, so I am now free to do whatever I’d like with the face fuzz.

Rebekah is still positive about the appearance, but my mother wants it gone! As for me, the look is still so new and different I plan to hang on to it for a while just for the experience!

So yesterday I went in for a haircut and my hairdresser – Lauren – came out with a legitimate, “Wow! I love it!” when I took my mask off. So I asked her to trim the unruliness, do a general tidy up, and give me a tutorial so I’d know how to maintain, going forward.

This is the result of the snip and clip (Yes, I’ll admit I’m still a little obsessed with the thing!). Here are a few slides that you can peruse if interested.

So there you have it: Food and facial hair. Not a lot of profound content for a Thursday morning but it’s absolutely what’s on my mind (and – haha – on my face!).

All Things Work Together For the Good:

Then there’s the scripture I started out with. I wholeheartedly believe God is involved in the details of my life, and that God advocates for “the good.” But what constitutes “the good” always turns out to be an interesting question! “Good” is synonymous with “holy” – and holy does not exactly dovetail tidily with the relaxed, stress free, and easy life I often settle for.

– author Derek Maul

These times, as all times, have a huge potential to lead us into what is holy. My prayer is that we will all ask God what that might mean in our day-to-day lives.

In love, and because love always leads me toward the holy – DEREK

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  1. Cost savings suggestion. Buy an inexpensive battery powered beard/mustache trimmer (available at most drug stores and, of course, Walmart, and do that work yourself. They come with clip-on guides so you can cut any length you want. You can also get a hair clipper while you are there and do the same with your hair using the included guides for the length you want. It’s quick, easy and you will not be able to tell the difference versus a store bought haircut.


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