Autumn in Wake Forest, NC: a stroll around North Main Street

His majesty covers the heavens
        and his praise fills the earth.
His radiance is like the sunlight,
        with rays flashing from his hand.
        That is the hiding place of his power.

Habakkuk 3:3-4
– writer/photographer Derek Maul

These photographs are my gift to you all today.

Thursday afternoon, fresh off another round of political rhetoric, social angst, unfounded conspiracy theories, and general nastiness, I decided I needed a positive experience.

So I grabbed my good camera and invested an hour and a half walking around Wake Forest’s North Main Street, looking for some of the prescient signs of autumnal beauty that have been poised on the edge of breaking through.

I like that phrase. Sometimes that is exactly how I feel in my spiritual self, pressing in on God, learning to listen, keeping my eyes open, “on the edge of breaking through.”

I took a bunch of pictures, and here are forty of the best. Enjoy. Take a deep breath. Drink in the beauty and the peace.

Peace. There’s a good word. Let’s embrace it – DEREK


  1. Would like to bring my camera and take that stroll with you. Beautiful time of the year. We drove down by W. Jefferson last week; thought of you all and your ventures to the mountains.

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