“Four Photo” Saturday

Okay so I’m a day late. But then everything’s late this week, right? But better late and carefully done than fast and sloppy. Anyway, Friday there were forty photos so I don’t think anyone really missed out.

Today I have to start with those fabulous Miami children, David and Beks. Doing school at home continues to be a challenge, but they have great computers, attentive parents, and best of all a thirst for learning coupled with excellent reading skills.

As a teacher with two decades of classroom experience, I can say with confidence that reading plus curiosity pretty much always translates into learning success.

Hence the two photos. First, Beks actually enjoying a spelling test; then David reading to his sister, at her request. This is beautiful in so many ways. They are preparing to be the absolute best and amazing big brother and big sister to the coming new baby. Priceless.

Great Food:

Then, a couple of food pics. Most importantly, these are simple dishes. Great ingredients, simple preparation, served with love.

The roast beef sandwich is a classic, but it has to be done right. This means beginning with a long, slow, patient roasting. Only then can the roast beef sandwich be properly assembled.

Thick, whole-grain bread. Generous portions of tender roast beef. Sharp cheddar cheese on top. A little horseradish sauce on the meat. Slowly grill the sandwich on the stovetop.

This time I served with crab soup, Ritz crackers, and a local IPA.

– author Derek Maul

So that’s it for the four photos. There will be more to write about this weekend. But in the meanwhile, plan to go to church Sunday. And I plan to remind us why – among other things – later today.

Peace – Derek

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