“Checks and Balances” #Decision2020

My first statement in response to Joe Biden’s status as President Elect is that – when it comes to power – the U.S. Constitution is famous for its checks and balances. And, impossible to ignore, the moat significant element of the checks and balances turns out to be the American people.

At the same time, the way the 2020 vote played out is a huge reminder that there is no mandate for a serious move left… just as there was no mandate for such a strong lean to the right. This election was – and remains – a very definite assertion that what the people want is a government willing to work in the middle, committed to listening and compromise, and engaged with the needs of all the people.

If I had the ear of Joe Biden, I’d like to recommend the inclusion of several moderate Republicans in his administration, people such as former Ohio governor John Kasich. I believe that “We The People” will enthusiastically support and celebrate governance from the middle and for the middle.

Honest Concerns of Christians:

Another thing that is on my mind is the honest concern of so many evangelical Christians, and the internal conflict they have wrestled with when it comes to making their choice in elections.

Many landed on the far right because they allowed “litmus test” issues to jam their circuits when it came to thinking clearly. The truth – however – is that nobody likes abortion, social services cannot exist without business profitability to pay for them, immigration is about opportunity not invasion, inequality will never go away unless we push really hard, America absolutely needs to find its soul again, we had better begin to trust God over money or soon we will have neither God nor prosperity, and Christianity is always a work in progress – so don’t ever tell me God favors one candidate or one party over another!

Here is an excerpt from an important email I sent in response this week to some folk I love and trust.

“Rebekah and I both teach the Good News of Jesus, and we make clear what it is (we believe) the Bible teaches when it comes to so many issues. As Presbyterian Reformation Christians, we are constantly Reforming our understanding because we are sometimes wrong and always learning. Christians praying and studying in good faith often land in different places. Christian leaders absolutely must engage and talk about difficult topics, but it is dead wrong to direct what party or what candidate should receive the support of Christians. What we must do is the following:

  1. pray without ceasing,
  2. search the scriptures,
  3. devote ourselves to a life of faith,
  4. research,
  5. learn from those we trust and respect,
  6. pay attention,
  7. pour everything through the filter of Christ’s teachings around the Gospel of Love,
  8. and then vote our conscience.
– writer Derek Maul lives, writes, believes, and attends WFPC in North Carolina

America has voted its conscience. But, at the same time, America needs to do a lot more of numbers one through seven!

Rebekah and I are praying for this nation. Please won’t you join us?

Dear God, loving and concerned Lord who imagined, designed, purposed, and created us as living beings in your image, we ask that you grant us the wisdom and the strength to live as witnesses to the Good News in this contentious time. So fill us with light and grace that love overflows from our hearts and into the lives of all we touch. We ask this because we have confidence in your power and your promises – Amen.


  1. I appreciate your well reasoned post. For me personally I can never support a prochoice position for any reason. It doesn’t matter how polite they sound how popular they are or how powerful their reasoning. Sorry brother but I will remain silent and love my enemies but

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      • I am commanded to love and even pray for my enemies. (Definitely going to need God’s help with that!) However I would rather be excluded from the conversation than agree with those who condone the taking of human life. There are already nation’s in the West who have entirely eliminated the downs syndrome community through abortion. We have close friends with a previous three year old daughter with downs and it is never okay with me to imagine her being eliminated for political convenience.


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