Service of “Healing and Wholeness” – as NC autumn colors continue to blaze

Yesterday was probably the busiest Sunday I have experienced in a very long time!

  • Sunday worship was most excellent, with another message from Rebekah seriously worth taking the time to listen to (click here – it’s at the 23:42 mark).
  • Sunday school proved to be another really great conversation.
  • Then we had two “in-person” Healing and Wholeness services where I was privileged to take part in leading worship.

Additionally, Wake Forest has literally exploded in color over the past couple of days to the extent that I seriously have to get back out with my camera to capture some images.

This is what our nation needs!

But it is the healing and wholeness service I want to talk about and there is a really important reason why. I want to talk about this because healing and wholeness is exactly what our nation needs today.

– around 60 people gathered in the afternoon sunshine

It’s not something those other people need, it is something I need, that you need need – something that requires more than just good intention, it requires the work of the Spirit. Healing comes to us first as individuals and then we take the truth of it into the world.

Our responsibility as believers is to be agents of healing and wholeness. Revelation 22 talks about the leaves of the tree of life being “for the healing of the nations.” Well we are the leaves and healing is our job.

On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. – Rev 22:2 

Worship in community is healing:

I have to tell you it was just beautiful to be there and to worship together. I got to play my guitar, and sing a couple of songs. Then during the second service I stepped in for Rebekah and had the privilege of reading scripture, leading liturgy, and even offering the pastoral prayer.

– photo by George Dudley

John preached a strong message. And anyone who can begin a sermon with Dolly Parton and Stephen Colbert, move into the Beatitudes, and then finish with Henri Nouwen has to be worth hearing!

– me, guitaring. Image by George Dudley

Here’s the link (“Service of Healing & Wholeness“). For an open-air gathering my guitar sounds surprisingly clear.

May this week be one that moves all of us toward the kind of wholeness God intends through the gift of Jesus. Something we not only experience, but actively share.

I have said this often enough, but here it is once more. The good news that is the Gospel of Love is not simply something to claim for ourselves, it comes with this responsibility, the imperative to live love out loud, and into this broken world.


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