the best Wake Forest fall-colors yet!

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
    he does great things beyond our understanding. – Job 37:5

Sometimes I’m out running an errand, or walking the dog, or visiting with my parents – and the beauty of the world around me grabs at me for my attention. The word to describe this is “arresting.” I am literally brought to a halt and I am taken into custody, as it were, by this sense of wonder.

This happened several times during the day Monday. I took a load to the recycling facility, then I dropped something off at the church, then I went next door to spend some time with my folks. But time and again the message was the same: “Open your eyes, Derek! Take a pause, and be grateful for what you see.”

– David and Grace Maul

So here it is – some of it, at least. Trees mostly, showing off this sudden crescendo of color.

But then my parents, too. We went out onto their deck and sat, chatting, for a good chunk of the afternoon. The unique blessing of presence, and the beauty – God’s creative life – of this world.

Enjoy – I know I did – DEREK

One comment

  1. Amazing. Thanks for sharing these arresting moments and reminding us to stop and see what God has so abundantly provided. Sad our response isn’t as spontaneous as it should be. Please keep reminding us.


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